Advisors: Andrea Korn / Sarah Reeder

    The Senior APEX Project is the last formal learning experience for New Hope-Solebury High School Seniors. This project is designed as a 60 hour 3 week internship that begins in the middle of May and lasts until the first week of June. The project allows students to self-select their area of interest and is a great way for them to show their untapped potential, demonstrate prior learning, and get a stronger sense of self. More importantly, the Senior APEX Project can capture their imagination while offering them adventure by tapping into their interests at a transitional time in life. One of the many goals of the Senior APEX Project is to engage the students' sense of curiosity proactively by having them initiate, develop, and engage in a plan of action.  



    Advisor:  Karen Rosenburg

    Art Club is an open studio concept where you can come to work on projects that you are doing in class, catch up on work from an absence, use materials and mediums that you are interested in, but haven't used in class, or be able to have an art experience if you couldn't fit art into your schedule. Art Club meets every Wednesday after school from 2:30 to 3:30 in the art room. 



    Advisors:  Jon Gonsiewski / Adam Sherman

    Blue and Gold works on the yearly spirit week activities. Spirit Week takes place the last week of the winter sports season, typically the last week of February. Students work to plan the theme, daily events, assemblies, and evening activities.  Charitable tie-ins include coin drive and can drive. The week culminates with our annual blue gold sports challenges in the High School Gym.



    Advisor: Natalie Hoeksema

    Both novices and experts of chess are welcome to come to the Game Club which meets in the library during Friday lunches. Have fun playing the game, learn strategies and compete in a spring tournament.



    Advisors: Denise Jaeger

    The Debate Team encourages students to articulate with confidence, whether through one-on-one Lincoln Douglas Debate, dramatic performances, 2 vs. 2 Public Forum Debate, Extemporaneous Speech (domestic and foreign topics), and new to the league is Mock Congress.



    Advisor: Maria Tzemintimpi

    The purpose of the ESL club is to give students a chance to meet and socialize in a non-academic environment. The EL students practice speaking in English and the non EL students practice speaking in Spanish/French all while playing board games, celebrating birthdays, and having fun.  



    Advisors:  Carey Lever / Leo Macdonald

    The Environmental Club is comprised of students who are environmentally conscious.  Members of this group are actively engaged in a variety of educational outreach and service activities.



    Advisor:  Meka Chuma

    The Fashion Club, established in 2019, allows students with fashion related interests to explore the ever evolving industry. We analyze current trends, observe new designers, repurpose garments, and facilitate clothing drives for organizations in need. 



    Advisor:  Chris Marchok

    F.B.L.A. is organized to encourage students to participate in activities designed to facilitate intelligent career choices, develop business skills, teach the value of community responsibility, and strengthen self-confidence.  



    Advisor Leo Macdonald

    The goal of the New Hope-Solebury High School Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club is to provide an association between all members of our community regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The members and officers of the Gender Sexuality Alliance aim to create a safer school environment for LGBTQ+ people.



    Advisor: Sarah Reeder / Andrea Korn

    The Key Club is a service program open to the entire student body that teaches leadership through serving others. The students in Key Club are always looking for ways to volunteer in the community and make a difference in the lives of others.



    Advisor:  Ryan Ehrie

    The Lions of Wall Street Investment club will look to promote knowledge and concepts surrounding the processes, purposes, and institutions of investment. The club will look to teach students about how the broader global economy functions and how they can participate as individuals through a variety of investments and strategies.



    Advisor:  Drew Giorgi

    The High School Newspaper written by Journalism students.



    Advisor:  Melanie Pittner

    Mask & Zany is the high school theater club.  M&Z produces two main stage shows each year (a play in the fall and a musical in the spring), as well as a festival of student-written ten-minute plays (done in collaboration with the playwriting students). Students can also direct studio shows, which are the culminating activity for an Independent Study in Theater Production.



    Advisor:  John O'Hara

    Mathletes travel to other schools in the area to compete in the solution to math problems. Problems are solved on an individuals and team basis. Students taking Algebra 2 or a higher level math course may participate. Student participants don’t have to be the best at math but it helps to be curious and enjoy solving math problems.



    Advisor:  Kevin Nord

    Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies.



    Advisors:  Alicia Anderson / Staci Shade

    Membership in the National Honor Society is granted to those students who have, throughout their high school career, demonstrated outstanding levels of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Being chosen as a member in the National Honor Society is among the highest honors awarded to our school’s students.


     Multicultural Club

    Advisors: Karla Martinez /  Kate McGinnis




    Advisors:  Madeline Martin /  Kate McGinnis / Doug Olszewski

    The Peer Leaders organize agendas that reflect topics that they will discuss with groups of 8-12 freshmen and eighth graders. Selection of Peer Leaders occurs each spring.  Interested sophomores and juniors are invited to apply if they are in reasonable academic standing.



    Advisor: Tara Sanders

    Teams participate in a fun, county-wide competition which is based on questions from a selection of books. 



    Advisor: Ryan Sorensen

    The New Hope-Solebury Robotics Club meets after school to build robots for the VEX Robotics Competitions against other teams from across the state, nation and world. Skills in engeering, design, and coding are welcome, as is a desire to learn and work with others.  



    Advisor:  Jon Gonsiewski   / John O'hara  

    The Ski Club looks to bring students together that love the outdoors, particularly during the cold winter months.  The ski club takes students on a weekend trip to New England where the snow can be deep and the mountains are bigger.  Great snow is what we usually hope for; good times are what we always enjoy.



    Advisor:  Jon Gonsiewski

    Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. Student Council officers are elected each year, by their peers, to represent their grades and the entire school. The officers are responsible for fundraising and organizing fun events for their class.


    Advisor: Erica Rudesyle

    Sole Buddies is a club that promotes social opportunities for all students.  The goal of Sole Buddies is to build relationships, cultivate friendships, and connect with others to encourage inclusion within the school community.  Members of the club will develop leadership skills in planning and organizing events, while gaining life-long personal skills in working with all individuals.  In this club, our mission is to Choose to Include.  



    Senior Class:  Meg Thompson / Yona Rose

    Junior Class:  David Bachart / Erica Rudesyle

    Sophomore Class:  Maria Bennett / David Barhart

    Freshman Class:  Kathy Feehan / Kevin Nord



    Advisor: Sarah O'Hara

    Yearbook Design is an elective course that gives students marketable experience in print media publishing. This course solely works toward the completion and selling of a large finished product, New Hope-Solebury High School's yearbook. In class students compose, construct, and edit all elements of computerized text layout, graphic art, and digital photography. Students must work on many marketing operations, make announcements, maintain signs, conduct student polls, take photos, and write articles.