• Athletics/Student Activities Committee

    Mrs. Sandra Weisbrot, Chair
    Mrs. Jennifer Gormley, Member
    Jill Arslanian
    Melvin Band
    David Cane
    Allison Campbell 
     Eric Carter
    Stacy Mardirossian 
    Ed McDonnell
    Christopher Rieder
    Pamela Wright 
    Anna Sirianni, Student 
    Steven Yanni, Superintendent
    Erik Pedersen, Assistant Principal/Director of Athletics
    Stephen Seier, High School Principal 
    Meetings will be held in the UES LGI Room beginning at 6:00 p.m. 
    2017 Meeting Dates 
    Th – February 2

    Th – April 6


    Th – June 1 Changed to May 31


    Th – September 7


    Th – November 2