New Hope-Solebury School District

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Welcome to Student Health Services
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Elizabeth Simon, R.N.,M.Ed Certified School Nurse, N.C.S.N.  
Certified School Nurse at High School/Middle School  

Alane Hemberger, RN,NCSN,M.Ed  
Certified School Nurse at Lower/Upper Elementary Schools

Margaret Depp, RN,BSN
Staff Nurse at Lower/Upper Elementary Schools

Mary McCloskey, RN
Staff Nurse at Lower/Upper Elementary Schools

James H. Rigney, MD, School Physician
Dr. Steven Covino, DDS, School Dentist

“Optimal learning requires good health!”

Student Health Services are organized and developed in accordance with the School Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The School Nurses, under the supervision of the School Physician, Principals, and Director of Pupil Services, plan, coordinate, and implement state mandated and district directed services.

The focus of School Health Services is to help to promote the health, safety and well being of our students, to support their academic success.

school nurse
Here are some of the Health services provided by your School Nurses:
  • Assessments for vision, hearing, growth and development, scoliosis, and possible health related problems, and behaviors.
  • Appropriate and timely referrals based on health needs assessments.
  • Care for illness and minor injuries, and emergency first aid.
  • Development and implementation of Specialized Care Plans to support the safety and well-being for students who have chronic conditions that may need consideration while at school.
  • Collaboration with administrators to promote a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment.
  • Involvement in communicable disease control through the implementation of immunization laws and health screenings, and an acting liaison for the Bucks County department of Health.
  • Health counseling, nutrition, disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • Resources for health related issues and health education for students, parent, and staff.
  • Advocate for student health related needs in the school community.