• The following are a variety of web resources that may be helpful in your college search: 


    Students can register for the SAT, search for colleges, request a PROFILE, apply to colleges, sign up for workshops, perform a scholarship search, work with financial aid calculators, and learn about college costs.

    This site lists the best colleges according to the US News ranking system. Students can search for colleges, graduate schools, and sources of financial aid. This information is free. A 320 question Campbell Career Self-Assessment is offered at a cost of $17.95.


    This site contains information on test preparation and financial aid. The college search lists appropriate colleges, then links the user to their webpages. This site also provides assistance with college essays and resumes.


    Users can obtain information about colleges in various foreign countries and study abroad. This site lists the website addresses for most U.S. colleges. It also contains information about test preparation, financial aid, graduate schools, and job searches.



    This site takes the user on a tour with live campus pictures of some colleges. The user needs Quick Time Pro to take advantage of this feature. It will also link users to college homepages.



    This site allows users to chat with college representatives, view college campuses, and learn about college offerings through virtual Q & A sessions. It contains online recruitment tools for more than 400 admissions offices. 



    This site assists users search for colleges, estimate college costs, and locate scholarships. It also provides tips on how to apply to a college and has athletic information from the college of your choice.



    This United States Department of Education site provides a college search and information about student financial aid.



    This site conatins information about preparing for college, choosing the right college, and paying for college. The site also links the user to college homepages.



    This site has a scholarship search, college database, cost calculators, and an award analyzer. It also contains information on how to interview, complete applications, and apply for financial aid.


    This site contains college search information.


    This site contains college search information



    This National Collegiate Athletic Association site contains the "Guide for the College-Bound Student."



    This site provides information about intial academic eligibility, core courses, SAT/ACT tests. It also contains recruiting rules for Divisions I, II, & III.





    This site supplies students with free applications, essay writing tips, and free access to sample application essays. They also charge for help in writing essay.



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