• Information on HS/MS Concussion presentation and Impact testing

    HS/MS Concussion Education Program for spring sports

    February 14, 2018

    Location: High School Library


    HS/MS 2018 spring ImPACT testing schedule for athletes

                                                                                                February 14, 2018  @ 3:15pm 

    Location: HS Library



    Frequently Asked Questions
    If I played a spring sport, does my ImPACT test count for the fall?
     No, the concussion materials, both the Education Program and the actual impact test, are only good for the school year. Due to athletes beginning in the fall prior to the start of school the fall program will always be conducted during the previous school year. For example, the ImPACT test for the 2017 fall season is given during May and June of 2017.  
    Do I need an ImPACT test for every sport I play? 
    No, you must do the ImPACT baseline once per school year unless injured. If you play a fall sport that baseline will be good for the winter and spring seasons.
    Can I participate in non contact drills without a physical or ImPACT test?
    No. State guidelines are clear that all student athletes must complete all parts of the PIAA physical as well as the baseline concussion test and the educational program.
    My child get a physical on her birthday which is January 2, will that be good the full year?
    No, PIAA physical dates are not by the calendar year. All 2017-2018 physicals must be completed after June 1, 2017. This is also not negotiable and must comply with the state law. A physical conducted prior to June 1st, cannot be used for any sports during the following school year.  
    My daughter wants to play 7th grade volleyball, do they have the same deadlines for middle school?
    The rules for the PIAA physical forms are the same for middle and high school. All students must complete an ImPACT test for their concussion baseline. The test ARE NOT always conducted at the same time as the high school due to limited availability. Please check sign up for the listserv to receive updates on dates. 
    All student athletes are required to take a baseline ImPACT test prior to participating in a sport.
    The baseline test is valid for the school year and athletes will only be required to take it once per school year.
    Testing will be offered before the start of each season along with an educational presentation about head injuries.
    ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most widely used computer-based testing program in the world and is implemented effectively across high school, collegiate, and professional levels of sport participation.  ImPACT is a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool that is used to assess brain function.  A baseline is taken under "normal" conditions to show healthy brain function.  In the event of a head injury, follow-up tests are taken to help assess severity and recovery.  ImPACT is not a diagnostic test.  It is a tool to help in the assessment of head injuries and to aid healthcare professionals in monitoring recovery.  For more information, please visit ImPACT's website at www.impacttest.com.
    For questions about ImPACT testing at New Hope-Solebury, please contact Athletic Trainer, Kris Foulke at kfoulke@nhsd.org