• Each student is assigned to a counselor who will work with that student from freshmen through senior year. NHSHS also has a school Social Worker that works in conjunction with the Guidance Office to provide supports for students as well.  Counselors & Social Workers serve as advocates for students and facilitate successful development. The counselor is the student’s advocate and the” go to person” when information is needed or when the student experiences difficulty. Counselors also encourage students to identify activities which they enjoy and experience some degree of accomplishment.

    Students are encouraged to meet with their counselor.  They may make an appointment by dropping in, or by leaving a phone or email messages.  Counselors also take walk-ins if their schedule allows for it at that time. In addition, School Counselors respond to crisis and re-arrange their schedule accordingly in order support the student in need. Students and or their parents are encouraged to share information with the counselor that may indicate areas that present a particular challenge to a student.

    School counseling by definition does not afford students long term therapy; however, Counselors may work with students on a regular basis on skill building relating to: problem solving, test-anxiety, study skills, decision making to name a few. Counselors may offer parents  and students insight into issues that may require referrals to outside professionals. They coordinate services for students with learning differences, make referrals, provide academic advising and can offer information regarding tutoring, extracurricular activities, and how students may obtain enrichment opportunities.