Student Assistance Program

    The Student Assistance Program is a confidential process that provides resources for students and families.

    If you have a concern about a student at New Hope-Solebury High School whose behavior has changed and shows signs of alcohol and/ or drug use, decreased grades, bullying, hurting self or others, change in peer group or other issues of concern, please submit a confidential referral form to the Student Assistance Team by delivering it to the main office in an envelope labeled "SAP" or to any member of the team. 
    The form may be found here:  SAP REFERRAL FORM
    Upon receipt of the referral, the SAP team collects confidential observable feedback from teachers. If teacher feedback indicates that there is a need for intervention, the Student Assistance Program team will try to get assistance to the student by working closely with the student and parents.
    SAP has no connection with disciplinary action; it is simply a team of trained faculty members that confidentially try to connect students in our community to helpful resources they may need. 
    SAP Team Members 
    Denise Jaeger, Teacher
    Hebat El-Turky, Counselor
    Amy Laff, Teacher 
    Mary Schwander, Teacher 
    Doug Olszewski, Social Worker
    Sarah Reeder, Counselor
    Stefanie Ryan, Teacher 
    Steve Seier, Principal 
    Erik Pedersen, Assistant Principal 
    Beth Simon, School Nurse