• Resources for Studying

    Powerpoint on Studying for Exams

    View the links below for helpful study tools: 

    • Woodburn Press (www.woodburnpress.com) has a number of good pamphlets on studying, getting good grades, and student success.

    Some websites that we recommend to students are listed below along with some suggestions about how to use.

    • Great websites to use to assist yourself with math, etc. are listed here. Check them out: http://www.brightstorm.com/math/  and www.khanacademy.com . They are easy to follow and include (concept) videos and several problems. 
    • Another is www.Tutorvista.com.  They give a definition and then they actually work through a problem on the screen.  There are practice questions with the answers and the student can also do a live chat with the tutor. Students: type into the search box the name of the concept you are learning in math or science.  You can always copy the title of the section from your text. 
    • Study Buddy: FREE LIVE Online Homework Help!

      Students register online at www.studybuddyhelp.org using the “Study Buddy Online Notebook.” Once a student is registered, they may create a login ID and password. After accessing their notebook, they may click on “Request a Tutor” in ANY academic subject area, using the drop-down menu, , and a qualified tutor will access the online notebook and begin to help. All work completed by the student is seen by the tutor, real-time, making the tutoring process collaborative and more effective. A Code of Conduct is strictly enforced to promote an environment of mutual respect, with the appropriate filters and password protection to ensure the safety of their users. Help is available from Sunday through Thursday from 3:30pm-midnight, Fridays until 9:00pm and Saturdays from 1:00pm-3:00pm.