• Recycling
    The New Hope-Solebury School District has begun a school and community-based recycling program in all of our schools. This program enables the District to get paid for paper that is collected and placed in the recycling containers. The District gets paid by the ton of paper that is collected. The more weight means a greater amount of reimbursement.



    The students at each of the schools are very excited about this new program and have taken an active role in collecting paper. The high schools Environmental Club members are doing all the leg work in support of the high school program. In return for their effort, their club will receive 75% of the reimbursement to the district. The money they receive will help finance field trips and other activities that they do as a club. In the middle school and upper elementary schools, students will be collecting paper and placing it in larger containers that then are dumped into the recycling bins outside the buildings.

    This is a program that the community can also get involved with. The District has a recycling container at the High School, Middle School and Upper Elementary School.  The container most visible to community is located along the driveway near the middle school parking lot. They are easy to spot with their green and yellow paint job.


    The recycling company – Abitibi-Consolidated– accepts the following types of paper; newspaper, magazines, office and school papers, shopping catalogues and junk mail that you probably receive in your mail box every day. Items that are not part of this program include glass, plastic, metal and trash or garbage so please do not put these materials in with the paper. The end product of their recycling program is newsprint for more newspaper and commercial printing paper.