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  • There is a $2.00 processing fee. Please anticipate a total payment of $42.00.

  • About Optional Insurance Coverage

    Board Policy 224 discusses the expectations of each student for the care of district property.  Students are expected to take proper care of their district-issued device.  Any damage to the device, either accidental or intentional, will be the responsibility of the student.   


    • Students will be charged a fee of $75 for any breakage of the screen, casing, or keyboard.  

    • For any other damage, the fee will be the actual repair cost of the device provided by the manufacturer.

    • For any lost or stolen devices, a student will be charged a replacement fee at the fair market value of the device.

    • Replacement power cords are $30.

    • Any intentional damage to the device, such as carving in the case, the fee will be the actual repair, or replacement cost, of the device provided by the manufacturer.

    • All manufacturer defects will be covered by the manufacturer warranty.  

    Parents/guardians may opt to purchase an accidental insurance plan at the cost of $40 for the 2022-2023 school year. This accidental insurance plan will cover two accidental damage incidents for the 2022-2023 school year.   Intentional damage will not be covered.  After the 2nd accidental damage incident in the 2022-2023 school year, students will be charged normal breakage fees.

    Payment for the accidental damage insurance plan can be made in two ways:

    1. Check payable to the New Hope-Solebury School District in the amount of $40.  Checks should include the student name and grade and be delivered to the school library.

    2. Online with Paypal, a $2 convenience fee will apply.

    Any student who has a financial hardship can contact their guidance counselor to discuss their insurance options.

    The last day to purchase the accidental insurance plan is Friday September 30, 2022.   After this date, it will be assumed that you are not purchasing the insurance.  Any damage prior to purchase is the responsibility of the student.

    Should you have a question concerning the One to One Optional Insurance fee, please email faq@nhsd.org