• New Hope-Solebury High School

    Gifted Education

    Miss Sarah O’Hara



    The gifted education program at New Hope-Solebury High School is based on a goal oriented and student centered curriculum. Students will develop their own goals that will be unique to their own career and/or academic interests. I will work with each student to develop a plan to meet individual goals and provide support and enrichment activities that will benefit him/her in achieving goals throughout the school year.


    Voices and Choices:

    • Independent Study
      • To be determined by the individual student based on his/her interests
      • Mentor - Students will be connected with teacher mentor in area of curricular expertise
    • Extension/Compacting
      • Students are sharing a class they have a particular interest in with me. Based on the interest level and academic demands of the class, the student and I can develop an extension project for a specific topic in their preferred course. 
    • 52 Small Changes for the Mind
      • Students will be required to complete week long “Challenges” over the course of the school year.
      • They will follow along with the lesson and objectives provided in the Canvas module for each week. 
      • Students must provide the assigned documentation to be credited for the “challenge”
    • TEDucation
      • Students will come in for a TED Talk about a relevant and thought provoking topic
      • Students will need to take notes during the TED Talk so that they can effectively engage in discussion
      • Students in attendance will be in control of a Socratic Circle styled discussion to review information covered in the TED Talk, as well as ask questions, make connections, and perhaps establish new realms of interest


    Expectations: Be honest with yourself about the workload that you have and what you can handle. Be the best version of yourself and be open and ready to try new things and grow!

    In order to stay in the gifted program you must complete or attend at least 10 of the gifted offerings throughout the school year. This can be a combination of online and in person meetings. If you are doing an independent study, we will work together to adapt your "credited" material accordingly.