• NH-S High School Library Mission Statement:

    As the Library Media Specialist, it is my mission to encourage life-long learning by providing a wide variety of information sources and by instructing both students and faculty in effective information seeking strategies. By providing these tools and instructions, I hope to help produce independent learners who have a thirst for knowledge and the skills necessary in obtaining answers and solving problems throughout their lives.
    In my role as an information specialist, it is imperative that I have the knowledge and skills to guide my students through the digital world. We have entered an age of an information revolution. How do students navigate through that information? How do they take that information, synthesize it and make meaningful, real-life connections? How do they communicate their ideas and creations with the world? Whereas the 20th century librarian was a master of information, the 21st century librarian is a digital path leader and an instructor of transliteracy: the ability to be literate across multiple media.