• IT HelpDesk

    IT HelpDesk is a resource made available to New Hope-Solebury School District students and families to address concerns with District-issued devices. 

    Prior to submitting a request for support from the HelpDesk, we request that families visit our Frequently Asked Questions section below for troubleshooting tips. Also, please use this site to confirm that all components of the device are working properly, including the camera, microphone, keyboard, and mouse/touchpad.

    If you are unable to resolve the issue with these resources, please submit a HelpDesk ticket. A few examples of concerns that require a ticket include:

    • The student has not been issued a District device and needs one assigned
    • To return devices for any reason
    • Login and/or password concerns


    Device Troubleshooting

    Powerwashing a Chromebook

    Many issues can be resolved by Powerwashing your Chromebook.

    Powerwashing a Chromebook is a way to reset it to the factory defaults, clean up drive space, and ensure the latest version of Google Chrome is installed.   

    • Powerwashing can be completed at anytime. Data and settings will not be lost because all is stored in the cloud.
    • This process works on Chromebooks, not Windows.  Also these instructions will not work on a tablet, because there is no keyboard.

    To Powerwash a Chromebook: 

    Shutdown the Chromebook

    At the login screen, press CTRL-ALT-Shift-R

    Click Powerwash

    Click Continue to Confirm Powerwash

    The Chromebook will reboot and will Powerwash

    Click Let’s go after Powerwash is complete

    Connect to your WiFi network

    Click Accept and continue to accept the terms for service

    Click Done after Enterprise Enrollment

    You can now login to your Chromebook.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    I don’t know my username or password.  What should I do?

    Please submit a HelpDesk ticket, and someone from the IT department will reset your password for you.

    I am having issues with the microphone, people can’t hear me.  What can I do?

    You can troubleshoot your Chromebook to see if the microphone is bad or just being blocked for some reason.  You can follow the troubleshooting steps located at this link: Microphone IssuesYou can also check your audio setting while in Zoom.   Please click this link:  Check Audio in Zoom

    I am having trouble with Zoom, the video or audio lags and skips.   I can’t open multiple screens, or the Chromebook crashes.  What should I do?

    The first step is to ensure you have the latest version of Google Chrome.  You can check on your version by following the steps located here:  Running Google Chrome Update 

    The Zoom link that has been provided by my teacher is not working correctly.  What should I do?

    First, make sure the link that you are trying to access is the latest link sent by your teacher.  If there is no newer link, and you still can’t access the session, please contact your teacher to make sure the link is correct.

    I am trying to login to the Home Access Center(HAC), but don’t know my login or password.  What should I do?

    Your child's school office will be able to assist you with this.  Please call the building office and they will be able to relay that information to you.


    Canvas Questions

    Access our Parent Canvas Training Session here

    How do I login to Canvas?

    Canvas uses Google to sign in.   You can go to the district website at www.nhsd.org and select the Canvas Icon on the website, this will take you to the Canvas login page.   If you are signed into your Chromebook with your district account, you should automatically be logged in.

    I am having issues navigating Canvas, where can I get some information?

    Recorded Canvas Parent Sessions are located here:  Canvas Parent Sessions

    How do I set up the Family Observer Account in Canvas?

    Information for setting up the Family Observer Account for Canvas can be found here: Setting up Family Observer account