• Care and Use Expectations for Devices


    Students are expected to take proper care of their District-issued devices. Any misuse or damage to the device, either accidental or intentional, will be the responsibility of the student.

    Families of K-12 students may opt to purchase an accidental insurance plan at the cost of $40. This accidental insurance plan will cover two accidental damage incidents for the school year. Intentional damage will not be covered. After the second accidental damage incident in the current school year, students will be charged normal breakage fees. 

    If damage occurs, report it immediately to a staff member. You can bring your device to the library. If needed we will exchange it for a loaner unit.

    Keep you device secure while at school and home. Do not allow others to use your log in. You are responsible for actions taken while users are logged in as you.

    Fully charge your device at home for the next school day. If your charge runs low, each classroom has one station available for charging. Your device may also be dropped off at the library for charging during lunch or classes when not needed.

    All members of the NHS community are responsible to follow the acceptable use guidelines established by our District.