New hope solebury virtual academy
  • The New Hope-Solebury Virtual Academy is open to all students, grades K-12. Enrolled students utilize District-issued devices to particiapte in asynchronous coursework presented by Pearson Education, a third-party content provider. Student attendance and progress is monitored by both Pearson Education and the NHSSD staff. Additional supports include cyber mentors and learning coaches, described further below. 
cyber mentor
Cyber mentors provide consistent support for students, often serving as a family’s first point of contact beyond their virtual classroom teacher. Mentors respond to family concerns, assist with school platforms and digital tools, and monitor student attendance. Mentors also help to motivate students to achieve and engage in class and connect families with school systems (teachers, counselors, principals) to better support the students' needs in the online environment.
learning coach
Acting as Learning Coaches, parents and guardians help motivate and monitor their child in the virtual setting. Typically, in grades K-5, the Learning Coach plays a substantial day-to-day role facilitating instruction. In Grades 6-12, the Learning Coach becomes more of a mentor and guide as the student becomes increasingly responsible for their coursework. Learning coaches help minimize distractions in the home learning environment, organize routines and schedules, assist with navigating the platform, monitor progress and comprehension, and verify lessons and assignments are completed.
  • NHS Virtual Academy - Program Provisions


    The New Hope-Solebury Virtual Academy will offer an asynchronous online educational program facilitating daily activity and learning engagement for all students K-12. Third-party content providers, including Pearson Education (K-5), Pearson Education, Apex, or Founders (6-12), will provide the educational content and host office hours for students and families. The District will provide a cyber mentor at both the elementary and secondary level to provide an additional layer of support. In order to provide a comprehensive online program, students and families should consider the expectations outlined below and make a serious commitment to this program.


    NHS Virtual Academy Expectations


    Courses in the NHS Virtual Academy will consist of asynchronous learning activities provided by a third-party content provider

    Students will fully participate in their virtual courses on a daily basis with the understanding that this setting requires students to be actively engaged in their coursework for approximately 4-7 hours per day (depending on grade level), 5 days a week. 

    Students will inform their teachers and cyber mentor of any absence due to illness or unforeseen circumstances and will make up any missed work in a timely manner. 


    Students will use their District-issued computing devices in conformance with school district guidelines, including the Acceptable Use Policy.

    Students should have reliable internet access and inform the District if assistance with access is necessary.

    Students will successfully complete an orientation before beginning any coursework.

    Students will inform their teacher, cyber mentor, and/or guidance counselor in a timely manner if they are experiencing difficulties in their courses due to: technical difficulties with the network or computer,  navigational difficulties within the system, or difficulties in understanding assignments or posting assignments.


    It is recommended that families consider this placement for the entire duration of the school year.

    Students who elect to participate in the NHS Virtual Academy may transfer back into the traditional in-person program at semester breaks.



    For questions about the NHS Virtual Academy, please contact Dr. Amanda Benolken, Supervisor of Educational Technology and Innovation, at