The Budget Planning Process

  • The Process

    The District's budget planning process begins annually in December and continues to undergo rigorous review by the District's administration and Finance Advisory Committee through the final budget adoption in June. In accordance with procedures outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the District makes the following documents available to the public (numbered below). As the steps of the process are completed, the finalized documents for the 2022-2023 budget will be posted here. 

    December - A Preliminary Budget (1) is prepared and a public notice (2) is posted of the intention to adopt this preliminary version.

    February - Preliminary Budget is voted upon by the Board of School Directors. As necessary, the District will post notice (3) of an intent to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for tax increases exceeding the Act 1 Index. 

    June - The Proposed Final Budget (4)  is presented to the Board of School Directors for final review. A notice (5) of intetion to adopt the final budget is posted. 


    Budget Planning for 2023-2024

    1. Preliminary Budget 2023-24

    2. Notice of Preliminary Budget Adoption 2023-24 

    3. Act 1 Referendum Exception Notice

    4. Proposed Final Budget 2023-24

    5. Proposed Final Budget Packet and Presentation 2023-24