summer math challenge
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    The clickable links in the document below offer practice sessions and challenges for students entering grades 1-6. 

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  • 2022 Summer Math Challenge

    All students entering grades 1-5 can become Math Fact High Flyers. This is a great opportunity to explore math in the summer months and to launch into the new school year confidently! 

    Your teacher, principal and I are challenging YOU to participate in our 2022 SUMMER MATH FACT CHALLENGE.

    All you have to do is...

    • Practice your math facts (+, -, x, /) depending on grade level) for 20 minutes, 4 or more days a week, using the math tool or resource of your choice independently or with a family member or a friend.
    • Record the math tool, game or math site used on the date on the calendar. 
    • Have an adult initial the calendar square for each day you practiced.  
    • Choice of: Make a math game and video yourself playing it with family or friends, record an advertisement of your favorite method or resource for becoming more fluent with your facts, create a video doing an activity and explaining all the different ways math was used in the activity OR make a video scavenger hunt of “Math in My World”.
    • Turn in your math calendars to your teacher in September and share your video with Mrs. Marrone at 

    The INCENTIVES are….. 

    • The more fluent you are, the more confident you will be in your math class and using math in your everyday life today and always.
    • Math Fact Masters will receive a certificate of achievement and be recognized during the morning announcements in September.
    • All participants will have their photos taken and shared out to the community.

    Math is all around us in our everyday lives, so challenge yourself to become a Math Fact Master this summer! 

    Mrs. Marrone