• Science Overview

  • The K-5 inquiry-based science program focuses our students on acquiring basic knowledge and applying it in real world situations. Hands-on, cross-curricular, interdisciplinary units encourage reading and writing about science. Science strands include life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences.  

    These science strands continue through middle school and separate into more refined courses in high school, while endeavoring to strengthen students’ understanding of the nature of science through inquiry.  These sciences are taught through hands-on labs (as well as simulations) and class lessons in which students collect evidence and use it to explain phenomena (via multiple modalities) and find solutions to problems.  This evidence and explanation may be quantitative (weaving in math curriculum when possible) or qualitative in nature. Lab sessions are also utilized to teach students laboratory practices pertaining to equipment, safety, and real-world application.

biology class
students study properties in chemistry class