• Social Studies Overview

  • The Social Studies program hosts an exciting collection of courses with foundations in state and national academic standards for history, geography, economics, human geography, and civics and government. Courses reflect comprehensive learning tied to historical analysis and skill development, career awareness and preparation, and inquiry of the human condition. The goal of our programming is to help students to become independent thinkers and contributing global citizens.

    Foundationally, elementary students learn about the community: families, neighborhoods, states, our country, and world.  They study geography and develop their knowledge of each region with regards to economics, geography, political science and history.  Different cultures are explored while students learn about citizenship.

    At the secondary level, students are introduced to ancient and world history in 6th and 7th grade and explore significant events in early American history in 8th grade. Elements of politics, economics, belief systems, culture, and geography provide the platform for developing social studies skills and knowledge. Courses help students understand chronological and thematic development over time, and bolster critical thinking and hands-on skills. High school social studies aims to develop informed and productive citizens through coursework on American and global history and culture, civics, economics, and studies of human and societal interactions and experiences. At the high school level, students can customize programming to include an array of core classes, electives, and AP level courses.

students in social studies class
students with calculus modeling project