• Food Allergies

    Parents/guardians are asked to complete the following checklist if your child has a food allergy:
    • Notify the nurse upon admission to school and at any time there are changes/updates.
    • Send in a completed Food Allergy Action Plan, signed by parent/guardian and physician each school year.
    • Deliver medications such as Epi-Pens and antihistamines to the school health office. (Note expiration dates)
    • Notify the nurse in writing if you want your child to opt out of sitting at the peanut/nut free table. (LES & UES)
    • Please remind your child not to share food or eat anything at school if they are not sure it is safe.

    Gluten Free Requirements

    If your child requires gluten-free foods in the cafeteria, please complete the Medical Plan of Care and return to food services or the school nurse.