• High School Course Requirements

    The document below denotes the course structure for each high school year. All students, regardless of their pathway(s) of choice during their high school tenure, will be required to meet all district- and state-level graduation requirements. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • For further details regarding courses and specific requirements, please refer to our full Course Selection Guide:

    course selection guide link


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Once I choose a pathway, am I stuck in it forever?

    No! Students may switch their pathway each year if necessary. Sometimes it can be just as important to rule OUT what you don’t want to do! 

    What happens once I choose a pathway?

    You’ll gain access to guest speakers and work-based learning opportunities that are paired to your interests, as well as more individualized recommendations for course programming.

    Will I be allowed to take courses outside of my pathway?

    Absolutely! The goal of career pathways is not to limit your opportunity to explore your interests, but rather to allow you to delve into them more deeply.

    Will students still participate in the district's APEX project? 

    Yes, the continued success of our APEX project served as one of the catalysts for Career Pathways. The APEX capstone project, completed in the final three weeks of senior year, will continue to offer students important work-learning experiences. However, with Career Pathways, students will be even more prepared to select their APEX internship because of the many programs and course activites that will precede this culminating project.