Becoming a Member

  • Important note for eligible students (students entering 11th & 12th grade with a GPA of a 3.9 or higher): Invitations will be sent out around the first week of July. 


    Should you choose to respond to the invitation to apply, service logs are due at the return of school and must be hand delivered by the applicant to Mrs. Shade in her classroom no later than the date and time specified in the invitation letter.


    Types of service hours accepted and not accepted 

    Applicant service log 

    Applicant scoring rubric 




    1. Student applications are evaluated on four criteria required for National Honor Society Membership: Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. A rubric for evaluation can be viewed here.


    2. Acceptable service consists of activities performed during grades 9-12 (including the summer prior to grade 9) which benefited a community or organization with no benefit to the person giving the service. See types of service hours accepted/not accepted here.  


    In addition to the service log, students are also permitted to turn in letters or emails from the contact person verifying the student's involvement.


    3. There is a firm deadline for all service logs to completed and submitted.  Service logs submitted after the time and date deadline for any reason will not be considered for membership. 


    4. Teachers are given a list of the eligible student applicants. New Hope-Solebury teachers will assign a score for both Leadership and Character only to students who they have had formal or informal contact with during grades 9-12. Each of these scores are averaged and marked on the rubric (see below). 

    • Leadership qualities are identified as someone who demonstrates leadership in academic and non-academic settings. 

    • Character qualities are identified as someone who demonstrates exceptional character and actively encourages others to be of good character.

    5. The applications are then scored using the rubric included with the invitation to apply.   Students with scores of 28 points or higher on the rubric are considered eligible for membership into National Honor Society.


    6. Applicants are notified of their application status by US mail. 


    7. Students who earn an invitation letter to the organization must either accept or reject their membership.  Acceptance requires that students and parents review and sign the National Honor Society organization bylaws and pay their membership dues by the deadline.   


    8. The Induction Ceremony will be held each fall to formally join the National Honor Society.  

    After induction, membership is something that members must maintain.  Should the criteria below not be met, members are put in the process of removal from the organization. 


    1. Members must maintain a GPA of 3.9 or higher.

    2. Members must attend all meetings or notify an adviser within 24 hours of a missed meeting.

    3. Members must complete service hours for each year in membership.

    4. Members must adhere to the signed national bylaws and New Hope-Solebury High School's rules and policies as outlined in the Student / Parent Handbook.