Welcome to the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development
    Dr. Charles Malone, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Phone: 215-862-5372 extension 3294 
    Dr. Amanda Benolken, Supervisor of Educational Technology and Innovation 
    Phone: 215-862-5372 extension 3184 
    Ann Titano, Administrative Assistant Curriculum
    Phone: 215-862-5372 extension 3227 
    New Hope-Solebury District's Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development extends a warm welcome. There are a number of new and exciting curriculum renewal projects in the school district. They are occurring at the elementary, middle, and high school. Curriculum is being reviewed through a committee process that involves all stakeholders in the community - teachers, administrators, parents, and school board members. This renewal process follows school board adopted policy.