• Building Automation System

    New Hope-Solebury School District utilizes one of the most
    advanced Building Automation Systems available.

    Automated Logic’s

     WebCTRL logo. is a Web based Building Automation System that allows the district to control and monitor the operation of the buildings HVAC systems from any computer in the District. Classroom schedules and temperatures can be adjusted as needed.

    With WebCtrl safety limits can be programmed that will trigger visual alarms if there is a problem with one of the components of the HVAC system, or if preset temperature limits are exceeded. Data trends can be displayed to assist in the troubleshooting of problems.

    WebCtrl also allows us to set limits for electrical consumption. WebCtrl will then monitor electric usage and adjust heating and cooling set points to maintain the limits we have set.

    WebCtrl could be used as a teaching aid in classes. We could allow a class to view the entire school complex and check temperatures and equipment operation. With password protection students could view any data without the fear of the data being changed accidentally.

    WebCtrl is currently in use throughout all four of our schools and the district office building.