• PE Power Pledge

    I pledge to keep my HEART strong

    By moving EVERYDAY!

    I’ll ride my bike, I’ll jump a rope and

    With my friends I’ll play!

    I pledge to keep my MUSCLES strong,

    My arms and legs all toned

    By raking leaves and climbing trees

    And helping ‘round my home.

    I pledge to keep my LUNGS strong

    Not fill them up with smoke.

    ‘Cause cigarettes not only smell

    They make me want to choke!

    I pledge to keep my MIND strong

    By working hard in school!

    And saying NO to DRUGS, of course,

    I’m not anybody’s FOOL!

    I commit myself to pledge this day

    As Healthy as can be

    For of ALL the people in this world

    There’s only ONE of ME!