• The Woo Haa Rule

    The woo-haa rule is a classroom management technique that is used in Physical Education class.  For example, the teacher can say one-two-three, and students respond by yelling woo-haa as loud as they can, which is then followed by complete silence.  The loud signal gets the attention of all the other students who may not be aware that the teacher is ready to begin or end class.  Mr. DiTulio gives the signal only…

    ·        At the beginning of class to get everyone ready to begin

    ·        During class when it is time to discuss a new activity or skill

    ·        To stop the class and reinforce a particular rule

    ·        To initiate the 10-second countdown

    ·        At the end of class

    When a student breaks the woo-haa rule, 3 choices are given to a child:

    1.     Teacher will call home and explain to a family member

    2.     Arrange for indoor recess with classroom teacher

    3.     Miss 10-15 minutes of P.E. time- Students occasionally need time out.  However, it should be looked upon as a learning experience.  It is human nature for people to make mistakes.  The goal is to get the students to limit their mistakes.  I will have the student sit out with time to think about what he did, come up with a plan, describe their plan, and return to action.  If they can not come up with a plan, then I can help them out.