• Curriculum Advisory Committee

    Mrs. Tracy Keyes, Chair
    Mrs. Adrienne Deussing - Member
    Patti Burke-Lund 
    Amishi Castelli
    Michelle Cosner
    Sheila Elser
    Kathy Feehan
    Wenmei Ge
    Paula Lewis
    Lauren McDonough
    Kristine Quinby
    Hita Shah 
    Polly Wood
    Michael Zolkewitz
    Steven Yanni, Superintendent
    Alyssa Marton, Director of Special Education
    Charles Malone, Director of Elementary/Secondary Education
    Michael McKenna, UES Principal
    Brian Loving, Teacher
    Amanda Lynch, Teacher
    Stephanie Marrone, Teacher
    Nancy Rachlin, Teacher 
     Meetings will be held in the UES LGI Room beginning at 6:00 p.m. 
    2017 Meeting Dates

    Th – January 5


    Th – March 2


    Th – May 4


    Th – August 3 Canceled


    Th – October 5


    Th – December 7 (UES Library) Canceled