• Policy Advisory Committee

    Dr. Nikhil Heble, Chair
    Mr. Michael Picone, Member
    Dr. Andrew Ordover, Member 
    Dr. Charles Lentz, Superintendent
    Mrs. Christine Schwartz, Director of Human Resources
    Committee Members
    Ms. Emma Fitzsimmons
    Mr. Drew Giorgi
    Mr. Sean Christopher Kielty
    Mr. Chance Trammell
    Meetings will be virtually beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

    2021 Meeting Dates



    Thursday, January 14

    Thursday, February 11 8

    Thursday, March 11

    Thursday, April 8

    Thursday, May 13

    Thursday, June 10

    Thursday, August 5

    Thursday, September 9  

    Thursday, October 14

    Monday, November 8