Professional Development

  • The New Hope-Solebury School District has a very active and committed Act 48 Professional Development Committee. Its membership includes administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and members of our business community.

    This Committee has worked diligently to develop a quality Professional Development Plan to the state of Pennsylvania, provide the planning for effective professional development days during the school year and the summer.

    The members of the committee are committed to taking in the needs of all of its stakeholders. They weigh national and state mandates, goals of the NHSD strategic plan, curriculum goals, building goals and the specific needs of grade level teams, departments and individuals in planning staff development opportunities.

    As a result, staff development in the New Hope-Solebury School District is highly individualized. Please refer to the Pennsylvania State Award that we proudly accepted for our achievements in staff development.

    The Act 48 Professional Development Committee meets several times during the year to plan and to monitor teacher evaluations from previous staff development days. All teacher evaluations are done electronically and the results are tabulated in easy to understand analyses. The goal of the Committee is to continually improve our staff development always with the intent to improve student achievement.

    In addition, the Act 48 Professional Development Committee has adopted the national standards from the National Staff Development Council. They are as follows:
    NSDC Standards for Staff Development

    (Revised, 2001)
    Context Standards

    Staff development that improves the learning of all students:

    • Organizes adults into learning communities whose goals are aligned with those of the school and district. (Learning Communities)
    • Requires skillful school and district leaders who guide continuous instructional improvement. (Leadership)
    • Requires resources to support adult learning and collaboration. (Resources)

    Process Standards
    Staff development that improves the learning of all students:
    • Uses disaggregated student data to determine adult learning priorities, monitor progress, and help sustain continuous improvement. (Data-Driven)
    • Uses multiple sources of information to guide improvement and demonstrate its impact. (Evaluation) Prepares educators to apply research to decision making. (Research-Based)
    • Uses learning strategies appropriate to the intended goal. (Design)
    • Applies knowledge about human learning and change. (Learning)
    • Provides educators with the knowledge and skills to collaborate. (Collaboration)

    Content Standards

    Staff development that improves the learning of all students:

    • Prepares educators to understand and appreciate all students, create safe, orderly and supportive learning environments, and hold high expectations for their academic achievement. (Equity)
    • Deepens educators' content knowledge, provides them with research-based instructional strategies to assist students in meeting rigorous academic standards, and prepares them to use various types of classroom assessments appropriately. (Quality Teaching)
    • Provides educators with knowledge and skills to involve families and other stakeholders appropriately. (Family Involvement)