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Art Club - Karen Rosenburg 

Changing Social Perspectives (CSP)Rory Yerkes

Debate Team
Advisor: Jena Davis
The Debate Team encourages students to articulate with confidence, whether through one-on-one Lincoln Douglas Debate, dramatic performances, 2 vs.2 Public Forum Debate, Extemporaneous Speech (domestic and foreign topics), and new to the league is Mock Congress.

Environment Club
Advisor: Carey Lever
The Environmental Club is comprised of students who are environmentally conscious.  Members of this group are actively engaged in a variety of educational outreach and service activities.

Advisor: Jeremy Pfancook 
The Envirothon competition is an annual academic event sponsored by the State and County Conservation District. The event challenges students to think critically about the natural world and their role in it.  Participants learn about Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soil & Land Use, Wildlife, and Current Environmental Issues.

Future Business Leaders of America (F.B.L.A.)
Advisor: Chris Marchok
F.B.L.A. is organized to encourage students to participate in activities designed to facilitate intelligent career choices, develop business skills, teach the value of community responsibility, and strengthen self-confidence. 

Film Club
Advisor: Melanie Pittner
Associated with Mask & Zany is the student film club, which throughout the year sponsors festivals of student-written and student-directed film projects.

Game Club
Advisor Brian Loving
Gay Straight Alliance
The Key Club is a service program open to the entire student body that teaches leadership through serving others. The students in Key Club are always looking for ways to volunteer in the community and make a difference in the lives of others.
Lion's Tale 
Advisor: Drew Giorgi

The High School Newspaper written by the Journalism students.

Mask and Zany Theatre
Advisor: Melanie Pittner
Mask & Zany is the high school theater club.  M&Z produces two main stage shows each year (a play in the fall and a musical in the spring), as well as a festival of student-written ten-minute plays (done in collaboration with the playwriting students). Students can also direct studio shows, which are the culminating activity for an Independent Study in Theater Production.

Advisor: John O'Hara
Mathletes travel to other schools in the area to compete in the solution to math problems. Problems are solved on an individuals and team basis. Students taking Algebra 2 or a higher level math course may participate. Student participants don’t have to be the best at math but it helps to be curious and enjoy solving math problems.

National Honor Society
Advisors: Alicia Anderson  and Staci Shade
Membership in the National Honor Society is granted to those students who have, throughout their high school career, demonstrated outstanding levels of scholarship, service, leadership, andcharacter. Being chosen as a member in the National Honor Society is among the highest honors awarded to our school’s students.

Peer Leadership

Advisors: Sarah ReederHebat El-Turky & Doug Olszewski
The Peer Leaders organize agendas that reflect topics that they will discuss with groups of 8-12 freshmen and eighth graders. Selection of Peer Leaders occurs each spring.  Interested sophomores and juniors are invited to apply if they are in reasonable academic standing.

P..S.I.C. (Positive Student Interactions and Choices)
P.S.I.C. is a club that empowers students to make smart choices. The members believe that by excluding harmful substances, students have a better chance to nourish happiness and develop self-confidence. P. S.I.C. eliminates the glorification of drugs and alcohol and allows students to open their eyes to life. 

Advisor: Lisa Naldzin
Teams participate in a fun, county-wide competition which is based on questions from a selection of books.

Science Olympiad

Advisor: Ryan Sorensen
Science Olympiad challenges students to get involved in tournaments and competitions of science knowledge and application.  Student participants learn about diverse fields from Astronomy to Cell Biology.  The students are also involved in the construction of various engineering projects.

Ski Club
Advisors: Jon Gonsiewski and Kevin Elvey
The Ski Club looks to bring students together that love the outdoors, particularly during the cold winter months.  The ski club takes students on a weekend trip to New England where the snow can be deep and the mountains are bigger.  Great snow is what we usually hope for; good times are what we always enjoy.

Student Council 
 Advisor - Jon Gonsiewski 

Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. 

Student Council officers are elected each year, by their peers, to represent their grades and the entire school. The officers are responsible for fundraising and organizing fun events for their class.
Class Officer Advisors

Senior Class – Fred Achenbach / Brian Loving / Jeremy Pfancook 

Junior Class – David Bachart / Stefanie Ryan

Sophomore Class – Chris Marchok / Christine Procaccino

Freshman Class – Chris Cook / Emi Lengyel


Advisor - Glenn Preiss