• Welcome to Second Grade!

    Second Grade Classroom

    About Second Grade
    As students approach this year, they have begun to demonstrate skill and interest in reading, writing and all aspects of language arts.

    Guided reading groups help children develop essential reading skills at a comfortable yet challenging pace. Favorable class sizes enable teachers to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

    Students receive daily instruction in mathematics through our Everyday Mathematics III program. Here students are given the opportunity to apply mathematic concepts to a wide variety of activites, games and experiences.

    Instruction is also offered in music, art, physical education, health, library and technology, as well as social studies and science. The Responsive Classroom program helps students develop positive attitudes toward learning and working together.

    As a result of highly skilled teachers and a conducive learning environment, students are ready for the challenges of the various content areas covered in grade three.


    Laurie Gale: lgale@nhsd.org

    Jennifer Loving: jloving@nhsd.org

    Tammi McGlynn: tmcglynn@nhsd.org

    Sue Zerby: szerby@nhsd.org