Board Advisory Committees

  • The Role of our Committees

    Board Advisory Committees help inform and support decisions related to the District’s curriculum, facilities, finances, policies, and special education services. Committee members lend a valuable community perspective to our operations and have the opportunity to share their voices in school-related concerns. Parents and guardians, students, staff, and residents are all invited to join these committees, described further below.  To access meeting agendas and minutes, please use our Board Docs portal.

    To Join the Board Advisory Committees

    If you are interested in becoming a member of any Committee, please complete this application and submit to the Administrative Liaison for each committee. Contact information for the liaisons is linked in the information below. Please note: All committee member applications must be reviewed and submitted for Board approval.

    Committee Descriptions

    The Curriculum Advisory Committee supports the School Board in establishing educational goals for the students of the New Hope-Solebury School District and governing the curriculum and educational programs developed to meet those goals. The committee recommends decisions and actions to the School Board that are based on current research, best practices, and innovative new ideas to further the District's curriculum program within the context of federal, state, and District guidelines.
    Committee Chairperson: Dr. Andrew Ordover
    Administrative Liaison: Dr. Amanda Benolken, Director of Education

    The Facilities Advisory Committee develops strategies to maintain the adequacy and condition of capital assets, to advocate for new structures and rehabilitate or remove older structures, and to ascertain that adequate levels of funding exist for campus maintenance and operations and for technology infrastructure.
    Committee Chairperson: Mr. Montu Patel
    Administrative Liaison: Mr. Scott Radaszkiewicz, Director of District Operations

    The Finance Advisory Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of School Directors on all areas of financial policy, including but not limited to the annual budgeting process and forecasting, financial activities for capital projects and operating activities, cash management, and vendor contract negotiation. The Committee also recommends the proposed annual budget prepared by the school administration prior to its presentation to the Board.
    Committee Chairperson: Mr. John Augenblick
    Administrative Liaison: Mr. David Francella, Chief Financial Officer

    The Policy Advisory Committee supports the Board of School Directors in developing a process and governance framework through which District policies are formulated, implemented and reviewed. The Committee responds to the need for policy review and writing of any new policy that might arise from administrative recommendations, citizen requests, statutory requirements, or specific Board member concerns.
    Committee Chairperson: Dr. Nikhil Heble, Esq.
    Administrative Liaison: Ms. April Borgeson, Director of Human Resources