• Lions Community School

    We are delighted to pilot the return of New Hope-Solebury's former adult school with a newly-established Lions Community School. New Hope-Solebury School District staff members will instruct the following extended learning courses in the interest of sharing district resources with local residents and engaging our neighbors with our schools. Click the "Learn More" links below for specific course information, including dates/times, locations, and required materials. 

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    This Pickleball course will focus on the strategies of singles and doubles play and provide an introduction to serving long and short, forehand smashes, drop shots, angle play, and doubles formations. Students will learn the rules and etiquette of pickleball, improve basic fundamental skills, recognize offensive and defensive strategy, utilize proper footwork and racquet grips, demonstrate basic forehand and backhand strokes, increase levels of fitness and hand-eye coordination, and identify modified placement positions. Participants will also learn to analyze the court with shot selection and placement.

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    excel on computer

    Excel for Beginners is designed to introduce the fundamental features and functions of Microsoft Excel. Participants will learn how to create, format, and manipulate spreadsheets, as well as perform calculations, create simple charts, and analyze data. This course is immensely useful in everyday life as Excel is widely used across various industries and professions. It enables individuals to efficiently organize personal finances, track expenses, manage schedules, create budgets, and even analyze data for decision-making purposes. Learning basic capabilities of Excel empowers individuals with valuable skills that can enhance productivity and effectiveness in both personal and professional endeavors.

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    mobile device

    Discover the full potential of your iPhone with this course for novice individuals seeking to maximize the possibilities for their mobile device. We will review essential functions like managing contacts, web browsing, and social media and then move further, exploring helpful applications, learning how to personalize settings, and discovering time-saving tips and tricks that will transform your iPhone into a powerful tool for productivity, entertainment, and communication.

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    book club

    While engaged in an Interactive Book Club, book enthusiasts will read a series of books selected by the instructor and meet once per month for a discussion. The instructor will read the book and prepare discussion questions. The instructor will lead the group in interactive discussions and foster an engaging, inclusive environment where minds meet, ideas flourish, and new connections are forged. Students will be exposed to various books from different genres and interact with others to gain new insights, interpretations, and perspectives into their reading material. Join this class to enrich your mind and to celebrate the power of storytelling.

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    language class

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    This course is designed to benefit and support New Hope-Solebury parents and guardians with a child learning English as a second language. ESL parents will enhance their literacy skills and learn valuable parenting techniques to participate more effectively in their child's learning journey. By fostering these skills, our program not only supports English language acquisition but also strengthens the parent-child-school connection, leading to improved academic outcomes and a more enriched family life. Classes will provide a comprehensive learning experience that includes:

    Adult Education: Tailored ESL instruction to enhance your language skills, ensuring you can communicate confidently in English.
    Parenting Education: Valuable resources and guidance to strengthen your parenting skills, empowering you to support your child's development.
    Literacy Activities: Engaging activities designed to boost literacy for parents and children. These activities create a dynamic and interactive learning environment for the whole family.

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