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    As the school year begins, the New Hope-Solebury High School PTF (Parent Teacher Forum) begins its activities to help and support our High School Students.



    • To promote communication among parents, teachers, students, and administrators.
    • To promote home, school, and community involvement in education.
    • To conduct fundraising as needed to support projects that enhance the school and learning experience.


     Examples of events that the PTF Funds/Supports:

    • Senior Class Scholarships 
    • Clothing Drive 
    • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 
    • Parking Lot Fundraiser for Booster Clubs
    • Support for DanceATHON
    • Library donation for books
    • Senior Breakfast
    • Support Graduation celebrations



    Please note that many of these events are able to run only with generous funding and volunteer participation. You can make a donation online via the LINK

    You can even support by simply registering your GIANT BONUS CARD online and select New Hope-Solebury for the A+ School Rewards Program.

    Attend a PTF Meeting!
    Get connected! There's no better way to know what's happening in your school!
    The PTF meetings are held in the guidance office, the combined PTF/PTG meetings are in the middle school cafeteria.
    Everyone can join, and there are many different ways that you can contribute!

    Upcoming meeting dates in 2020-2021 are:


    • Sept 8th 2020 9am Tues - PTF Only
    • Oct 8th 2020 9am Thurs - Combined PTF & PTG
    • Nov 10th 2020 9am Tues - PTF Only
    • No December Meeting
    • Jan 14th 2021 9am Thurs - Combined PTF & PTG
    • No February Meeting
    • March 11th 2021 9am Thurs - Combined PTF & PTG
    • April 13th 2021 9am Tues - PTF Only
    • May 11th 2021 9am Tues - PTF Only
    • No June Meeting


    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL nhs.highschool.ptf@gmail.com

    Co-PresidentsCaroline Elias / Kathy Feehan

    Secretary- Allison Campbell

    Treasurer- Amy Hoffman

    Scholarships- Beth Houlton

    9th Grade Rep-

    10th Grade Rep-  Beth Houlton

    11th Grade Rep- Nancy Lawson

    12th Grade Rep- Mary Firth