• School Board Meeting Recordings

  • Meeting Highlights: December 16, 2021 
    The Board accepted a generous $25,000 donation from Mr. and Mrs. John Feehan to support the equipment needs of the track and field and cross country teams.

    Positive feedback was exchanged between a representative of the Educational Support Professionals Association and the Board of Directors regarding their recently adopted contract. Ms. Smith, speaking on behalf of the Association, acknowledged the Board and Administration for the respect and earnestness demonstrated during their contract negotiations. Board members thanked the Association for their thorough preparation and prioritization, which helped to streamline their discussions.

    There was a detailed presentation from Dr. Lentz regarding the Health and Safety Plan during which he provided District-specific and localized COVID-19 data, reviewed the most recent guidance from health and education agencies, and explained the goals and additional considerations of the Health and Safety Plan Committee. The Committee posed January 19 as a target date for a transition to mask optional, pending that certain pandemic-related conditions were met. However, they requested additional time to determine the protocols for contact tracing that would accompany such a change.

    After a lengthy and thorough discussion, the Board determined that while a path to a mask optional scenario should be explored, the current status and trends of the pandemic do not support the transition at this time. They requested the Health and Safety Committee develop benchmark data for such a transition and that the procedures for that scenario be fully vetted. They agreed to reconvene in January for further conversation.