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    About STEAM: STEAM  

    It is essential that students K-12 have experiences with STEAM to help them develop an understanding of the modern world and the evolution of careers in STEAM. At the New Hope-Solebury School District we believe that deep lifelong learning is built on rich experiences starting from kindergarten and building into the high school years. It’s at the foundational level where perceptions and attitudes are developed. Students need to be provided with the opportunity to develop “Next Generation” skills focused on the 4 C’s; Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity along with opportunities to “fail forward” and persevere ultimately learning that mistakes and failure will lead to progress. Success is achieved when the understanding is that ideas will always evolve.  

    This is a non-traditional model of Education in which the classroom resembles a work environment and students contribute to solving problems in the community. STEAM careers, experiences and skills drive the curriculum. Curriculum is integrated in authentic problem-based learning that is STEAM career-oriented and cross-disciplinary. Students collaborate in teams to solve problems. Teachers facilitate teams of students towards solving problems and developing work for skills commonly the skills required by a STEAM businesses in the area or region.

    New Hope-Solebury School District is proud to bring the students of NHSSD a K-5 STEAM focused special that will challenge, engage, and inspire all students!

    Tom Marrone: tmarrone@nhsd.org