• New Flexible Furniture in HS Classrooms

    Posted by Arya Heble, Communications Intern on 4/19/2024

    student classroom

    Last week, the students of Mr. Nord’s classes were introduced to new seats and desks to finish the year off in. The desks are significantly larger than the past ones, and the seats allow for various seating positions. They are modified to accommodate students sitting comfortably during the 80-minute class periods. With the introduction of block scheduling, many students find it difficult to sit for extended periods. Many students admire the new seating arrangement and like how it accommodates the classes. Student Skylar High says “They are comfortable and flexible, the room feels open while full and the stadium feel is nice, the flexibility to move the desks around prevents students from getting antsy and they have the option to change if they don’t like  it.” Student Adriana Smith says “I feel like I have a good view of the front of the classroom and the seats are comfortable and flexible.” Most students have a shared admiration of the new seats and seem to be fond of them. New Hope-Solebury School District continuously looks for ways to improve student's education and make their years here more enjoyable. With the many exciting projects coming up, the new seating is a great start to the rising modifications being made to the school. 

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  • Congressman Fitzpatrick Hosts Student Town Hall

    Posted by Arya Heble, Communications Intern on 3/22/2024

    congressman speaks

    On Monday March 18, the high school welcomed Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick to speak with students and answer their questions about the functions of Congress. “Leaders spend 90% of their time listening and learning, and 10% of their time taking action,” said the Congressman, emphasizing how he is a representative of the people. Congressman Fitzpatrick shared some of his key focus areas, including the war in Ukraine, age limits for representatives in Congress, and the fentanyl crisis. In response to a student question about a possible TikTok Ban, the Congressmanexplained he is not in favor of banning the app, however he is advocating for American ownership due concerns about personal data being accessible to foreign powers. Many students in AP U.S. Government and Contemporary Issues in America were able to relate to the topics discussed because they were similar to classroom discussions. “It was cool hearing about things that we are learning about in class,” commented student Amilya Khairoullina. Overall, the experience of Congressman Fitzpatrick was a great success for students, and they were given a prominent opportunity to learn more about their government.

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  • Learning about the business of being an artist

    Posted by Jimena Santillan for The Lion's Tale on 2/29/2024

    career pathways presentation

    Art knows no bounds; it speaks a universal language that transcends barriers and unites individuals from all walks of life. Two remarkable artists–Thomas Rudesyle and Christina D. Galagarza–showcased their distinct artistic journeys, each bearing unique tales of passion and creativity.

      On Feb.2, Thomas Rudesyle, a seasoned entrepreneur and talented muralist, shared insights into his thriving career as a tattoo artist during a recent presentation. With nine years of experience under his belt, Rudesyle is the proud owner of Outta Sight Studios, a renowned tattoo parlor located on New Falls Road in Levittown.

      During his presentation, Rudesyle delved into his evolution as an artist, sharing his beginnings to his current stature. His Journey into the world of tattooing was sparked by curiosity and fueled by a background in art, which quickened his learning process. He emphasized the importance of practice and apprenticeship, as well as shedding light on the intricate procedures involved in tattooing. Moreover, Rudesyle shared wisdom, offering valuable advice on establishing and managing a tattoo shop and balancing the demands of his business with familial obligations. As the presentation drew to a close, students were captivated by Rudesyle as he brought out equipment and started showing the tattooing process.

      In contrast, Christina D. Galagarza, who came on Feb. 9, is an oil painter who is currently a resident artist on the New Hope’s Arts Campus. Specializing in floral compositions under her brand, Eternal Flower Paintings™ LLC, Galagarza brings new life into wedding memories through her meticulously crafted artworks. 

      Galagarza's journey is evidence of her unwavering dedication to her craft. With oil painting as her primary medium, she infuses delicate floral details with vibrant hues and textures, transforming bridal bouquets and centerpieces into timeless works of art. Drawing inspiration from photography, she recreates the being of each floral arrangement, ensuring personalized art pieces for her clients. Her creations serve as cherished memories and preserve the beauty and sentiment of special occasions.

    In a world full of creativity, both Thomas Rudesyle and Christina D. Galagarza are examples of artists with a passion that captivates others with their creations.

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  • "The Book Was Better" New Book Club

    Posted by Olivia Carroll for The Lion's Tale on 2/29/2024

    high school book club meeting

    “The Book Was Better” book club has gotten off to a successful start, working with members to choose interesting and engaging books. The club has had three meetings and is held in Mr. Hesney’s room, room 104, during Learn 1. Meetings occur once or twice a month. Presidents Olivia Carroll and Abby Klein have worked with the members of the club to come up with great books that are captivating their readers. 

    So far, the club has read two novels and has chosen a third to read. “If He Had Been With Me” by Laura Nowlin and “Radio Silence” by Alice Oseman have already been read by members and “Bunny” by Mona Awad is the upcoming book for the club. Members of the club seemed to enjoy the first two novels, holding interesting discussions about them. 

      “If He Had Been With Me” was a novel chosen by the club presidents and proved itself to be a strong start to the club. The book follows high school-aged friends as they mature and lose contact with one another. The novel follows as the two get back into touch with one another (even though they are neighbors). The reviews on this romance story were mixed.  Some members loved the book and others thought that it was a pretty good story, but not the strongest, which is completely fine! The club wants to hold interesting discussions about the stories, so mixed opinions just make for more complex conversations. 

      The club is very interested in bringing different genres of writing into the club, and so far, has been able to incorporate a romance novel, fiction, and horror. The overall goal is to have the novels appeal to the members, so the club is more than willing to listen to books that members want to read and is happy to read whatever novels are interesting to members. One of the club’s novels, “Radio Silence,” was recommended by a club member . The story follows a high school girl as she prepares to go off to college when she finds out that her favorite podcast was created by her neighbor. The novel looks into the connection made between the two characters and was a crowd favorite of the members of the club. Conversations were great, and everyone seemed to really enjoy reading this one.

      The club’s upcoming novel is called “Bunny” by Mona Awad, and, based on the summary,  it follows the story of a sorority as they experiment with “dark imagination” and create human-like characters from animals. This riveting horror novel is being read by the members of the club currently and will be discussed at the club’s next meeting. 

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