• IT HelpDesk

    Some tips for preparing for the start of Virtual Leaning. 

    • Students should turn on their device and ensure they can login.
    • Check to ensure the camera and microphone are working, these are essential for Virtual Learning.
    • Check to ensure the keyboard and mouse/touchpad are functioning properly.
    • An online resource to check these items can be located at:  Click Here

    What to do if you have issues  

    First, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Document.  This will have many troubleshooting tips.  Click Here

    Please complete the HelpDesk form below if: 

    • You are having any issues with their district issued device.
    • You did not receive a district issued device in the Spring of 2020 and are in need of one.
    •  If you need to return a device for any reason.
    •  If you can’t login because you forgot your password.


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