• Curriculum Advisory Committee

    Dr. Andrew Ordover, Chair
    Mrs. Liz Sheehan, Member
     Dr. Charles Malone, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education
    Committee Members
    Dr. Amanda Benolken
    Mr. Lucas Craig
    Ms. Michelle Cosner
    Ms. Trisha DiZio
    Ms. Tonya Grieco
    Ms. Tania Hedlund
    Mr. Sean Christopher Kielty
    Mrs. Stephanie Marrone
    Mrs. Lauren McDonough
    Mrs. Megan Skeuse
    Mrs. Ellen Stiefel
      Meetings will be held in the District Office Conference Room beginning at 7:00 p.m. 
    2019 Meeting Dates

    Thursday, January 3

    Thursday, February 7

    Thursday, March 7

    Thursday, April 4 beginning at 6:00 PM

    Thursday, May 2 beginning at 6:00 PM

    Thursday, June 6 Cancelled

    Thursday, September 5 beginning at 7:00 PM

    Thursday, October 3

    Thursday, November 7