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UES practices cooperation

In the spirit of cooperation, the third and fifth grade teams brought their students together for a STEAM-themed activity. Third graders gained fifth grade mentors to help them work through math concepts. Fifth graders developed their communication and leadership skills. For all involved, it was a chance for students and teachers to collaborate and to build meaningful connections. Moving forward, the third and fifth grade teams intend to find more ways to connect students through reading, writing, and executive functioning activities and to incorporate the fourth graders into these experiences.


Fifth Grade Student Reflections:

“My experience was meaningful because we got to know each other, and I could really connect with her experiences. It also was nice because I made a new friend!”

“The experience working with the 3rd graders was meaningful to me because I've always loved to teach and guide younger people than me to help them with things that they can struggle with."

“Working with my third grade partner was meaningful because I got to learn more about her. She was kinda at first shy, but I was able to get her to speak to me by asking questions."