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LES Night of the Arts

We enjoyed a beautiful evening celebration of the arts at the Lower Elementary School. To start, each grade level performed their own spectacular set of themed songs. Kindergartners depicted their favorite animal, first grade took us under the sea, and second grade proudly competed in a soccer star showcase (with a special cameo from Mr. Marrone!). The students' confidence and excitement shined as they performed for a large crowd of family and friends under the direction of Mrs. Van Praag. After the performances, students had the opportunity to escort their guests through an art exhibition featuring the work of all of our young artists. The students' art was framed and displayed for all to enjoy by art teacher Mr. Mannion and a team of Home and School Association volunteers. We appreciate the donations made to the Art Show, which will help support future art shows and have also been used to purchase educational technology and equipment, such as 3D printers, iPads and green screens. Special thanks to Mrs. Van Praag and Mr. Mannion for coordinating this opportunity and to Mrs. Bloom and all the LES staff and volunteers for their support!