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Music Students in Hawaii

students with world war two veterans in hawaii

Our HS music students had the privilege this week of representing our State at the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base. Students shared their musical talents, performing in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade and a special tribute concert at the USS Missouri. Among the most memorable and poignant experiences of the trip, the students had the chance to meet with a group of WWII veterans who made the trip to Hawaii to take part in the commemoration ceremonies. The veterans reflected on their experiences in the war and the significance of their recent journey. You can watch this CBS News video for a brief introduction to the heroes our students met. One of them commented about the greeting they received in Hawaii, "It means so much, especially in these final years of my life." Thank you to Mr. Wehr, Mr. Bachart, and Mr. Bateman for coordinating such a tremendous opportunity for our students.