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Student Feature: Exploring Career Pathways

Speakers Series: Learning about the business of being an artist 

Jimena Santillan, Grade 12

Art knows no bounds; it speaks a universal language that transcends barriers and unites individuals from all walks of life. Two remarkable artists–Thomas Rudesyle and Christina D. Galagarza–showcased their distinct artistic journeys, each bearing unique tales of passion and creativity.

On Feb.2, Thomas Rudesyle, a seasoned entrepreneur and talented muralist, shared insights into his thriving career as a tattoo artist during a recent presentation. With nine years of experience under his belt, Rudesyle is the proud owner of Outta Sight Studios, a renowned tattoo parlor located on New Falls Road in Levittown.

During his presentation, Rudesyle delved into his evolution as an artist, sharing his beginnings to his current stature. His Journey into the world of tattooing was sparked by curiosity and fueled by a background in art, which quickened his learning process. He emphasized the importance of practice and apprenticeship, as well as shedding light on the intricate procedures involved in tattooing. Moreover, Rudesyle shared wisdom, offering valuable advice on establishing and managing a tattoo shop and balancing the demands of his business with familial obligations. As the presentation drew to a close, students were captivated by Rudesyle as he brought out equipment and started showing the tattooing process.

In contrast, Christina D. Galagarza, who came on Feb. 9, is an oil painter who is currently a resident artist on the New Hope’s Arts Campus. Specializing in floral compositions under her brand, Eternal Flower Paintings™ LLC, Galagarza brings new life into wedding memories through her meticulously crafted artworks. 

  Galagarza's journey is evidence of her unwavering dedication to her craft. With oil painting as her primary medium, she infuses delicate floral details with vibrant hues and textures, transforming bridal bouquets and centerpieces into timeless works of art. Drawing inspiration from photography, she recreates the being of each floral arrangement, ensuring personalized art pieces for her clients. Her creations serve as cherished memories and preserve the beauty and sentiment of special occasions.

In a world full of creativity, both Thomas Rudesyle and Christina D. Galagarza are examples of artists with a passion that captivates others with their creations.