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The Lion's Tale Earns First Place Honors from ASA

This year, the New Hope-Solebury High School newspaper, The Lion’s Tale, was distinguished with first place honors by the American Scholastic Association. Their advisor Mr. Giorgi attributes the recognition to the tireless work of the editorial team, including students Olivia Harrison, Jackson Cane, Dan Flavin, Alexandra Scott, and editor-in-chief Meryl Callaway, and the students’ efforts to draw local connections to issues on the national and international stage.

In the eight issues published digitally this year, The Lion’s Tale staff covered a range of topics, from national news about the presidential election and protests for social justice to local news about the launch of a School District Equity Committee and the Lions’ athletics teams results.

For example, as the front-page headlines of national press outlets were consumed with news of the pandemic, our students were writing stories to show the impact of the pandemic in their own school community. In the case of the pandemic, they examined how students were coping with instructional changes made in response to COVID-19, such as the block scheduling and virtual learning formats. The team wanted these segments to meaningfully reflect the thoughts of their peers. Abigail Vickner, a student on the staff, conducted surveys of the entire student body to accurately and consistently document how the students were thinking and feeling throughout the various stages of the pandemic.

Another highlight of the year--the music reviews---created by students like Dan Flavin who write and produce music themselves. Dan and his team members channeled their knowledge and appreciation for music to review every aspect of a recording with significant depth and nuance.

While there is much reason to celebrate the achievements of the Lion’s Tale staff, Mr. Giorgi shared that the team faced many challenges in the virtual setting, which left them without the rapid exchange of suggestions and ideas one would associate with a dynamic newsroom. However, the students compensated with their time, often working with Mr. Giorgi via Zoom in the afternoons and into the evenings to produce the final content in a digital format.

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