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St. Baldrick's

St. Baldrick's MS events

3x3 Basketball Tourney – MS Fundraiser for the event!

  • The annual 3x3 Basketball Tournament will be held in the UES during the St .Baldrick’s Event on 3/14
  • Student Council Representatives will be distributing Team Registration Forms for student teams. The deadline for registration is 2/24. All proceeds go to support the MS Team. The registration form is attached to this email also.  

Wear Green Fridays or St. Baldrick's Swag    2/21, 2/28, 3/6, and 3/13

Student Council will also be selling swag/items every Friday to support the MS Team


Join the Middle School St. Baldrick’s Team!

Sign up to be a shavee, donate 8 or $$ to support the MS St. Baldrick’s Team (Thank you Dave Kolichak for being our MS Team Captain!)

Use this link to join together with other MS staff members and students as one team:

*Students who are interested in joining the team will need to have their parents complete the online registration form with them.  This link will be send in the MS Weekly Email Blast also!


3vs3 Registration