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  • If you have Early Dismissal due to sports or an appointment, you are STRONGLY encouraged to stop at your teachers in the class(es) you will miss.

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  • The Publishing Center with Mr. Giorgi: We work on writing for print and digital publication as well as preparing and recording podcasts and broadcasts. The Publishing Center is located in Room 143 during Learn 1 everyday

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  • The ARC, room 224, will be available during Learn 2. To sign up please use the button below. 


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  • LEARN 1

    10:42AM - 11:12AM

    The following teachers eat lunch from 11:16-11:46 am. Students are not permitted to visit their classrooms during the teacher's lunch period.


    Mr. Achenbach

    Honors Global Explorations

    AP Economics

    Law & Justice

    History of Fascism 


    Mrs. Anderson

    AP Psychology

    History Through Film

    Intro. to Sociology 


    Mme. Connolly

    French 2

    French 3

    French 4

    AP French


    Mr. Ehrie

    AP US History

    Global Explorations


    Mr. Giorgi

    Honors English 10

    Journalism 1 – 4

    AP Literature & Composition


    Mr. Gonsiewski

    Contemporary America

    America: The 20th Century


    Mr. Hesney

    Honors English 9

    English 9


    Mrs. Huffman

    French 1

    Spanish 1

    Spanish 3


    Mrs. Jaeger

    AP Seminar

    English 10


    Mrs. Laff

    Integrated Science (co-taught)

    Algebra 1 (co-taught)

    Concepts of Math

    Academic Support


    Sra. Martinez

    Spanish 2

    Spanish 4

    AP Spanish


    Mrs. Mooney

    ILS Reading

    ILS Mathematics

    Academic Support


    Mr. Nord

    Global Explorations

    AP Government & Politics

    In Search of Heroes


    Miss O’Hara

    Gifted Seminar

    Introduction to Philosophy

    Yearbook Production


    Mr. Pesci

    Statistics (co-taught)

    Algebra 2 (co-taught)

    Geometry (co-taught)

    Algebra 1

    Academic Support


    Mrs. Sanders

    Honors English 11

    English 11

    AP Language & Composition


    Mr. Schlussel

    Honors English 12

    English 12

    Cyber Creative Writing


  • LEARN 2

    11:16AM - 11:46AM

    The following teachers eat lunch from 10:42-11:12 am. Students are not permitted to visit their classrooms during the teacher's lunch period.


    Ms. Klicka

    Algebra 2



    Mrs. Lever

    Honors Biology

    AP Biology


    Mr. Macdonald




    Mr. Marchok

    College and Career Planning

    Personal Finance

    International Business

    Public Speaking

    Business Administration


    Mrs. Mathauser

    Biology (co-taught)

    English 10 (co-taught)

    Academic Support


    Mr. McLaughlin

    Web Design

    Introduction to Python

    Create with Virtual Reality

    AP Computer Science



    Mr. O’Hara


    AP Statistics


    Mr. Pfancook

    AP Environmental Science


    Fundamentals of Physics


    Mrs. Rosenburg

    Peer Buddy Crafts

    Ceramics 1 & 2

    Art 1 – 3

    AP Studio Art


    Mrs. Rudesyle

    Learning Support English 9 – 12

    English 9 (co-taught)

    Academic Support


    Dr. Rutledge

    Honors Algebra 2

    Honors Geometry

    English Language Learners Math Support


    Mrs. Ryan

    Honors Chemistry

    AP Chemistry

    Integrated Science


    Mr. Schott





    Mr. Sherman

    NO LEARN availability the week of 12/11-15

    Phys Ed

    Health II

    Fit 4 Life


    Mrs. Serafin

    Human Anatomy & Physiology




    Mrs. Shade


    Honors Calculus

    AP Calculus-BC


    Mr. Sorensen


    Honors Physics

    AP Physics

    Robotics 1 & 2


    Ms. Thompson

    Algebra 1

    Honors Pre-Calculus


    Mrs. Tzemintimpi

    English Language Learner Support


    Mrs. Walker

    NO LEARN availability the week of 12/11-15  

    Physical Education

    Health 1

    Peer Buddy Physical Education