Career Pathways

What are Pathways?

When course selection begins in February, New Hope-Solebury students will be asked to select one of three pathways: (1) Arts and Humanities, (2) Business and Communication, and (3) Health Sciences, STEAM, and Innovation to facilitate further career exploration throughout their high school experience.

Once a pathway is selected, students will receive individualized recommendations for course programming and gain access to guest speakers and work-based learning opportunities catered to their interests. Our pathways were intentionally designed with a broad lens to maximize flexibility and to enable students to change their minds, an essential component of the exploration process.  

Why are Pathways Important?

The New Hope-Solebury School District Pathways Program supports innovative thinking, inclusion, and authentic personalized learning while fostering the development of the whole student. Opportunities for career investigation, skill acquisition, experiential learning, and self-discovery will prepare students to contribute to a diverse and evolving global society. 

Additional benefits of the Pathways Program:

  • Positions students to invest wisely in post-secondary plans.

  • Supports meaningful, goal-oriented academic experiences.

  • Identifies interests and allows for flexibility if those interests change

  • Introduces a wide variety of career opportunities

  • Encourages short- and long-term goal-setting 

  • Builds credentials & preparation to be competitive in the workforce


About Our Three Pathways

Preparing to Declare a Pathway

Explore: Students will create interest inventories, review our career video library, and attend our annual career fair.

Research: Students complete a career project within their College & Career Planning or Gifted Seminar.

Select: Students will select one of three pathways: Arts and Humanities, Business and Communication, or Health Sciences, STEAM, and Innovation