NHS Virtual Academy - A student using an Ipad

NHS Virtual Academy

The New Hope-Solebury Virtual Academy enables your child to get a well-rounded, personalized and high-quality education from the comfort of your home or anywhere he or she has an internet connection.

The virtual program will provide an innovative learning experience to help your child build a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement. We are working closely with families to tailor the learning program to each child’s needs, talents, interests, and learning styles.

We are partnering with Pearson Online & Blended Learning, the world’s learning company, to provide our students with: 

  • Award-winning and proven curriculum designed for college and career readiness and student success 

  • NCAA-approved courses for high school athletes 

  • Highly qualified state-certified teachers trained in online instruction 

  • Current educational technology tools 

  • Opportunities for socialization and community engagement 

  • FAMILY 411 resource center to support families and ensure virtual school success

  • Synchronous LiveLessons where teachers instruct in real-time virtual sessions

Offering a student-centered approach

The NHS Virtual Academy is right for students who:

  • Prefer home-based learning

  • Need more flexible scheduling, such as artists and athletes

  • Appreciate more individual attention or support

  • Can benefit from pacing that works with their learning styles

  • Want more challenging courses

  • Are overcoming medical issues

For more information, please contact Dr. Amanda Benolken, Director of Education, at Email Amanda Benolken