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About Student Services

Our Student Services Department provides programs and services designed to support the District’s regular education offerings by providing the additional components that enable an eligible student to access their education. In this section of our website, please find links to the various services offered, including Special Education, Gifted Education, 504 Services, Guidance Services, and Student Health Services. For your convenience you will find a staff directory listing by school as well. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our offices. We will be happy to assist you.   

Inclusive Practices

The New Hope Solebury School District recognizes that every student is a valuable and contributing member of the school community. The District holds educational excellence as an expectation for all children regardless of their levels of ability. Educational excellence is not a goal for children but for us. The District strives to establish classroom and school communities that provide equitable learning for all students. All members of the school community share the responsibility for creating opportunities for children with and without special needs to live, work, play, and learn together.  

Inclusion is not a place. It is a student’s right.  To this end, every school in the District is committed to identifying and removing barriers to the presence, participation and achievement of students with disabilities in classrooms and programs.

Student Services Team

Colleen Bell 

Director of Student Services

Email Colleen Bell 

215-862-5372 ext. 3297


Lori Cassano

Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Email Lori Cassano

215-862-5372 ext. 3225


To request student records, email Email Lori Cassano.