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car parade flyer

    Exit school district parking lot and turn left on Bridge Street (A)

    Proceed down Bridge to Main Street and turn right on Main Street

    Proceed down Main Street to Riverwoods Drive and turn right on Riverwoods Drive (1)

    Follow Riverwoods to Lakeview Drive, proceed onto Lakeview Drive (2,3)

    Proceed down Lakeview Drive, turn left on Deer Path

    Follow Deer Path around Rittenhouse Circle to Kaufman Way (4)

    Proceed onto Kaufman Way to Sugan Rd.

    Turn right on Sugan Road

    Proceed on Sugan Road to Bridge Street (5)

    Turn left on Bridge Street to Kitchens Lane

    Turn right on Kitchens Lane to Sugan Road (6)

    Proceed onto Sugan Road to Lower Elementary School (7,8,9,10)

    Turn around at Lower Elementary School and return via Sugan Road (11,12,13,14)

    Take Sugan Road to Rt. 202 (15)

    Turn left on Rt. 202 and proceed to district campus rear entrance (16)

    Procession concludes at district campus (B)